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CDG “Drivetime” Industry Day
7th December, 2016 - Bristol, UK

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New Mobile Deployment Option

With the upcoming v6.0 release of the Inmedius® S1000D Publishing Suite™, the new viewer Inmedius® S1000Dprism™ will offer for viewing S1000D information compiled from a CSDB. A responsive layout allows a familiar browser-based interface to reconfigure based upon screen size. Whether used on a desktop, laptop or touchscreen device, Prism maintains the same appearance and behavior. Users will appreciate the more intuitive interface, with easy access to annotations, bookmarks, change bars, search and other improved features.

Create, Manage and Deploy S1000D Data

The S1000D Publishing Suite is an end-to-end solution to support the entire S1000D documentation lifecycle. These integrated applications create, organize and distribute data and technical information assets in a performance-oriented environment.

CDG Receives Brandon Hall Gold Award
“Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning”

CDG’s eLearning teams recently won a Brandon Hall Group Gold award for excellence in the Learning and Development category, and were recognized as the team presenting the “Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning”.

By creating this interactive, award-winning multimedia content, the team developed a more cost-effective and time-saving approach to help train aircraft technicians on how to properly refuel oxygen equipment without compromising safety. The course included a realistic, interactive 3D simulation and training course based on photos and instructions in aircraft maintenance manuals.

For more information, view the CDG news release, or find out more at our upcoming “Drivetime” Industry Day Event in Bristol on the 7th of December.
Managing Supply Chain Data for Modern Aircraft
Making the Transition to S1000D

At the recent S1000D User Forum in Seville, Spain, Vic Ortega, S1000D Architect for CDG, discussed the rationale and potential benefits for aviation suppliers who decide to transition to S1000D. Vic commented, “With S1000D Issue 4.1 and the upcoming release of 4.2, the capabilities of the specification are now more than ever well-aligned as an excellent fit for managing commercial aviation technical data.”
Vic Ortega, S1000D Architect for CDG, recently addressed attendees of the S1000D User Forum hosted in Seville, Spain.
Vic continued, “S1000D is a proven option for creating and managing technical data associated with Component Maintenance Manuals, or CMMs. Since many suppliers support multiple customers and programs with the same or similar technical data, S1000D can help them avoid duplicate effort and reuse information as needed by leveraging technical information in one CSDB (Common Source Database) with customized outputs tailored for each customer data set.”

A new CDG white paper explaining the potential benefits for suppliers in leveraging S1000D will be published soon. To request the white paper, send email to
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The Inmedius® software portfolio is offered by CDG, a Boeing Company.

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