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Publisher Adds Functions

The upcoming v6.0 release of Inmedius® S1000Dpublisher™ supports point paragraphs and insert pages, applicability labeling, chapter-based title pages, and generating a highlights pages. Increased Issue 4.1 compliance is also included, particularly for Illustrated Parts Data.

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New Design & UI for Review

The upcoming v6.0 release of Inmedius® S1000Dreview™ features a new design and modernized User Interface (UI) consistent with the look and presentation of other Inmedius® S1000D Publishing
Suite™ software modules.

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Register for Industry Day

CDG is hosting a new technical industry event focused on improved technical documentation, e-Learning and collaboration processes to drive enhanced efficiency and safely. The event will take place in Bristol, UK on Wednesday, December 7th. The full day schedule includes workshops, case studies, demonstrations and discussion groups.

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How to Register Your Interest:

Call - +44 (0) 1926 776 900 and ask to speak with Georgina Morgan

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To request assistance, please contact CDG Customer Support:
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New Architectural Design, Modernized UI
Improves Usability & Managing Large Data Sets

Inmedius® S1000Dmanager™, Inmedius® S1000DauthorPro™ XE and Inmedius® S1000Dprism™ v6.0 leverage the newly developed Inmedius Spectrum™ architecture, designed to enable enterprise-level installations and significantly enhance performance, security and resource optimization. The browser-based, scalable architecture facilitates management, authoring and publishing technical data, with capability to support multiple aircraft and other equipment programs with very large data sets. Look for these new releases in the first quarter of 2017.
Customer Dinner at S1000D User Forum
Discuss Challenges & S1000D Developments

Prior to the opening of the S1000D User Forum held in Seville, Spain, a dozen clients using the Inmedius® S1000D Publishing Suite™ joined CDG staff for a delicious meal and informative sharing of issues they face in the technical publications marketplace. Customers came from Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States, demonstrating the wide and varied base of clients utilizing Inmedius software.
Inmedius customers and CDG staff gather for a group photo and toast. Back row: Victor Ortega (CDG), Marcel Straubinger, Glenn Watson, Stuart Cocks (CDG), Stefan Bulling, Christophe Menneboo, and Thomas Walter. Front row: Carla Blake, Margaret McCarson, Rachel O’Mahony, Maddy Dalton (CDG), Dario Pollacci and Paul Halligan.
“No matter where they were from, the consensus of the group was that their most significant challenge was struggling to find qualified technical authors,” stated Maddy Dalton, CDG Business Development Manager. “The impact was having fewer resources of both time and money to meet work load requirements and deadlines. All are working across multi-site offices with significant production demands. It’s critical that Inmedius software and CDG services help them to achieve their objectives and schedules.”
The lovely warm evening, in a beautiful setting with an entertaining waiter, was a great venue for exchanging ideas.
“The group also had a lively discussion about the developments of the S1000D specification,” added Vic Ortega, CDG S1000D Architect. “Surprisingly few were using the latest Issue, 4.1, because most have at least some documentation in Issue 2.3 or older and do not see the need to change because of cost impacts.”
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CDG specializes in helping manufacturing organizations and complex equipment operators maximize efficiency with full lifecycle solutions. An experienced global team of hundreds of highly skilled engineers and technical data experts supports delivery of cost effective options for engineering-focused industries. CDG offers a wide range of S1000D services, including authoring and conversion, training, and consulting. The Inmedius software portfolio includes performance-oriented applications to capture, create, manage and deploy S1000D lifecycle solutions for aerospace, defense, and manufacturing organizations worldwide.
The Inmedius® software portfolio is offered by CDG, a Boeing Company.

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