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Intro to S1000Dmanager v5.0

Earlier this month, David Lowe, CDG Product Manager, provided a high level overview of the major new features included in the upcoming S1000Dmanager v5.0 release. Key new features covered during the session included the ability to import and run custom reports, faceted search/filtering added to the Inbox and Library, and integrated PDF publishing.

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CDG Product Manager
David LoweMeet David

An S1000D and ATA subject matter expert, David Lowe has recently been named CDG Product Marketing Manager for Inmedius software.

David joined Inmedius in 2008 as Managing Director of Australia. Since that time, he has provided sales engineering support on a global scale, traveling extensively to deliver training and consultative services for technical publication projects onsite. David was a member of the company‘s Product Management Team and developed user manuals and educational materials. He also oversaw a multi-million dollar software implementation project for Boeing Flight Training.

Having just returned from participating in the S1000D User Forum, David looks forward to speaking and meeting with many customers in the months ahead.

New Recording
Best Practices Webinar

Thom Hixenbaugh, CDG Customer Support Manager, will outline the five step process to ensure best practices for updating software or making changes to the production system during this live Webinar. With major new releases coming in the New Year to the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite, this is the perfect time to prepare, particularly if you need to schedule incremental updates.

This new recorded webinar will be available for download soon.

White Paper
The Rationale, Benefits of a Separate Test Server

Developers test thousands of processes, workflows and likely scenarios. However, the proliferation of tools and versions, hardware platforms, permutations of S1000D, client project requirements and customized stylesheets means every technical documentation operation has its own unique production environment.

The best and final testing before implementation of any update or change is performed by an organization on its own, proprietary data in an environment that is a mirror of its production system.

A well-managed test server provides a virtual or real-word backup to a technical documentation production system.

This new white paper outlines and illustrates how the investment and implementation of a test server quickly pays for itself in reduced production downtime.

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Coming Up
Test Server Webinar

Scott Peters, CDG Business Relationship Manager, will discuss how having a separate test environment facilitates minimal impacts on productivity and ultimately a project‘s bottom line.

This new recorded webinar will be available for download soon.

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Inmedius® S1000Dmanager™ v5.0 Expanded Reporting
Import, Store & Run Custom Reports

The upcoming software release of Inmedius S1000Dmanager v5.0 supports reports generated using the JasperReport® framework. The open source, Java reporting tool takes information from one or more data sources and presents it in an easy-to-read, highly interactive format. Manager v5.0 allows users to store report templates in the repository, and to run and manage those templates within the system. Highlights include:

  • New sidebar menu item
  • Jasper reports created & uploaded as report templates
  • Jasper-based Link Checker report
  • Reports may be run across all projects
  • Reports may be scheduled
  • Reports may be made public or private
  • Wide variety of output formats

“The addition of Jasper reporting adds significant benefit to customers,” explained David Lowe, CDG Product Manager. “With ever increasing data volumes, the capacity to create flexible and dynamic reports and charts is an important organizational tool to gain efficiencies through improved data integrity and business performance.”

Manager screenshotReports may be private or public, assigned to a project, and generated individually or scheduled on a recurring basis.

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Improved Function, Usability of Lists Enhance Performance
New Inmedius S1000DauthorPro & XE Releases

For larger lists, both software module updates provide options to search and filter with a new Find field, pagination and auto-completion of searchable lists which decrease load times while improving efficiency. Other UI changes to dialogs, labels and buttons further enhance usability and are consistent across the Inmedius® S1000D Publishing Suite™.

View the S1000DauthorPro v5.0 Highlights Sheet

View the S1000DauthorPro XE v1.5 Highlights Sheet

Best Practices for Software Updates
Part 2: Install & Verify Software in Detail

In an article appearing in last month‘s edition of eNews, Thom Hixenbaugh, Manager of Customer Support, outlined the first steps in updating software. The final step, installing and verifying, requires important considerations:

  • Stay current – CDG highly recommends that installations occur incrementally, rather than skipping ahead to the current release. This allows for better isolation of impacts, and is likely a more efficient process. The proactive approach significantly increases the likelihood that any potential conflicts or problems with data, stylesheets and workflows are easily and quickly resolved.
  • Scheduling – Installation should always be timed between project deliveries and during Customer Support hours – accounting for time zone and work hour differences.
  • Verification – Customer Support will guide the Project Manager through a quick verification checklist. The CSR has the ability to go through the process live, online.

    Next it‘s time to turn the software and data over to the organization‘s authors for the next 24 hours, or one business day. “No one knows better than each individual author what matters most to them,” stated Hixenbaugh. “Each has their own personal preferences and varying levels of experience that directly correlate to what will provide a high level of confidence. It‘s key for authors to have that peace of mind in regard to projects and documents.”

By keeping current on software updates, having a test server, and good testing protocols and procedures, an organization creates a positive, self-fulfilling process for future upgrades.

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