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Intro to S1000Dmanager v5.0

On Wednesday, October 14, 2015, David Lowe, CDG Project Manager, will provide a high level overview of the major new features included in S1000Dmanager v5.0.

David spent numerous years as Inmedius' Lead Sales Engineer and Trainer, traveling internationally to consult with clients and provide onsite training. He also has provided critical input and extensive development work into product management.

We hope you'll join David on October 14th and be among the first to see exciting new capabilities and changes.

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Upcoming Event
S1000D User Forum

CDG will be exhibiting at the 2015 S1000D User Forum in San Diego, California September 21-24. Visit us and see what’s new and next in the S1000D Publishing Suite.

“Actualizing S1000D – Making it real!” is the theme for this year's event. The objective is to bring real-world experience with use cases and examples of successful strategies.

Access & Export Control, Compliance Presentation

Attendees at this year's S1000D User Forum are invited to attend the informative session, “Access & Export Control of S1000D Technical Data”, presented by Sean Rushing, CDG Product Manager. He will provide an overview of the importance and relevance of compliance, and how it relates to S1000D data and the software that controls it.

“Increasing importance placed on export compliance and access control from both the federal government and private industry requires active management,” explains Rushing. “Harsh penalties and strict regulations have made this topic a high priority.”

Attendees will learn how to navigate through strict governmental regulations and organizational access control policies in order to effectively and efficiently manage their technical data to prevent non-compliance.

The session takes place from 1:30-2:00 PM on Tuesday, September 22nd.

Customer Support Manager
Thomas Hixenbaugh Meet Thom

Thom Hixenbaugh has been a member of the Inmedius Customer Support team for over twelve years, and was recently promoted to Manager. Based in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office, Thom provides technical customer support, worldwide, for Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) authoring and viewing software. This includes the production of software and coordinating delivery to clients.

In his role, Thom organizes and manages staff to quickly resolve customer problems. When necessary, he also coordinates with Engineering and Product Management departments. Thom also regularly authors articles and manuals providing technical solutions to common support issues for continuous productivity and performance improvement.

Customer Service Hours
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  • 9 AM - 4 PM EST
  • Monday - Friday
  • No Weekends
  • Closed on U.S. Holidays
  • Phone: +1 412 459 0310, option 2
  • Email:

Inmedius® S1000Dmanager™ to Include Expanded Reporting, Faceted Search & Integrated PDF Publishing
New, Integrated Capabilities with Improved Usability, System Efficiency

The upcoming software release of Inmedius S1000Dmanager v5.0 will deliver new, highly integrated capabilities to the comprehensive, modular S1000D Publishing Suite™.

“The development focus of the next round of releases is to deliver expanded functionality, while providing even further integration, consistency and usability across the entire Suite,” explained David Lowe, CDG Product Manager. “Implementing these new capabilities and changes will yield a noticeable increase in system performance, throughput and productivity gains in our customers' technical publishing operations.”

Highlights of the upcoming Manager v5.0 software release include:

  • Ability to Import, Store & Run custom reports
  • Built-in Link Checker for PM & DMRL
  • Streamlined Faceted Search added to Inbox, Library
  • Integrated PDF available as a publishing option
  • Improved system performance, efficiency
  • User Interface enhancements for consistency, usability

Manager screenshot
Create multiple Publication Types – in any combination – including the new PDF publication process.

View the S1000Dmanager v5.0 Highlights Sheet

Best Practices for Software Updates, Implementing Changes
Five Step Guide for Any Server-Based Program

1: Read, review product documentation
The most commonly skipped part of the process. Documentation includes:

  • Highlights Sheet brief overview of new significant capabilities and enhancements
  • Release Notes  detailed description of software changes, available via the Customer Portal
  • User Manuals  step by step instructions and screen shots illustrate system functions and processes

2: Schedule customer service verification call
Scheduling should be made in advance. An appointment insures resources are available when needed, so there are no interruptions or unnecessary delays.

3: Set up test server environment
The test environment is a separate server that mirrors the current production system. It must be an exact duplicate in terms of hardware and software, including all versions of programs running on the production server.

4: Backup the production database
All organizations should have a routine, regular backup schedule in place, on a daily, weekly or at least monthly basis. However, even with regular backups, a new preinstall backup or database snapshot of the production system is necessary. This insures the most up-to-date data can be restored and limits data loss if problems arise. Ideally, the product database backup is then copied to a test server.

5: Install & verify software
Installing new software entails a number of considerations, including staying current on application versions, scheduling and customer verification steps. We will review this process in detail in the next edition of eNews.

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