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How Mobile Data Delivery Offers Substantial Savings & Efficiencies

Mobile data in the aviation industry is a new paradigm that has been evolving for several years. Technologies are much less expensive now and more widely available. There are lower bars of entry for widespread mobile technical data.

With increasing pressure to reduce costs, mobile data delivery has the potential to provide substantial savings and efficiency in managing and deploying Interactive Technical Publications (IETPs). In this age of tablets, smartphones and eReaders, companies benefit from electronic data delivery without the bulk of a laptop.

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White Paper
How to Author & Manage ATA Technical Publications Efficiently

This 8-page executive brief includes a detailed definition of document bursting and its advantages in processing ATA technical manuals more efficiently. It also provides an overview on how to configure a system for different document types and when or in what situations these documents are burst.

There are five main takeaways:

  • Bursting technology leads to significant efficiencies
  • One or many authors may work with just a single or multiple fragments
  • Document bursting is configurable by particular document type or situation
  • Once a document is bursted, it can be reassembled when publishing
  • It’s possible to create, manage and publish IETP & PDF within one system

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Press Release
Boeing Acquiring AerData

Boeing announced that it is acquiring AerData Group B.V., which provides integrated software solutions for lease management, engine fleet planning and records management. Based in the Netherlands, AerData also provides technical services for aircraft and engine operators, lessors, and maintenance, repair and overhaul companies.

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Inmedius® S1000DmanagerEnhances Reuse, Applicability & Performance
Advances Ease of Use, Productivity & Efficiency in S1000D Technical Publications

CDG, a Boeing Company, announced the latest release of its robust management solution, Inmedius S1000Dmanager. With its process-driven, business approach, Manager extends the functionality of a Content Management System (CMS) to the software’s S1000D project setup and support capabilities.

Manager v4.5 enhances reuse, applicability handling, and expands publishing options and capabilities for configuring projects. A new Reuse Object System allows sections of data to be reused for almost any tag, or set of data, within the S1000D Specification. Applicability may be managed as a reusable object and edited using a built-in editor. Users also have the ability to download published manuals at a later time, manage publication stylesheets, and perform queued processing of data extracts.

“The development focus of S1000Dmanager v4.5 is to meet the increasing demands put upon our customers to publish ever more complex and extensive technical documentation for their Aerospace and Defense clients,” explained Sean Rushing, Director of Inmedius S1000D Products and Services. “The latest release provides our customers with additional capability in managing and maintaining applicability data, and a mechanism to create their own reuse libraries. Data exchange was also optimized, dramatically improving throughput for nearly all file management actions - including import, export and publishing functions.”

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Inmedius® ATAauthorPro™ to join Inmedius® ATA Publishing Suite
Advances Ease of Use, Productivity & Efficiency in S1000D Technical Publications

CDG announced the development of an additional, proven authoring module; expanding the already comprehensive Inmedius ATA Publishing Suite, a modular, easy-to use solution supporting the documentation lifecycle for commercial aircraft. Inmedius ATAauthorPro™ provides authors with a sophisticated and intuitive environment to easily conform to ATA requirements, expanding content creation capabilities in the Publishing Suite. It provides an additional option to Inmedius ATAauthorPro XE, the browser-based, WYSIWYG editor.

The software is already in use by CDG customers around the world on Boeing and Airbus projects in Europe, the Middle East and India.

Key features of ATAauthorPro are PDF publishing, support for modularized or publication authoring, (Aircraft) Maintenance and Task Oriented Support System (MTOSS) management, and full integration to Inmedius ATAmanager™. The public release of ATAauthorPro also supports Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs), Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) and Service Bulletins (SBs). In the case of Boeing data, output from the system conforms to Boeing Master Update Requirements.

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