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The theme of this year’s joint ATA e-Business and S1000D User Forums is Driving Value through Effective Information Sharing. The event will take place June 23-25 in San Antonio, Texas.

Sean Rushing, Director of S1000D Software & Services will present both a presentation, "Supplier Challenges: Handling Multiple OEM Data Requirements" and a demo on Inmedius S1000Dinteract™ for Mobile.

The new S1000Dinteract platform allows S1000D technical authors, maintenance crews and operational staff to access IETMs through mobile devices, including iPad® and Android™.   Mobile devices will be available for attendees to test drive the product in the exhibit area.  Learn More about Forums and Register

Latest Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite™ Updates
New Software Features & Enhancements

The latest updates to Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite™ modules enhance efficiency, productivity and ease of use:

  • S1000DauthorPro™ is robust content creation software. The v4.2 release provides new options to validate documents independent of the check-in process and to show reference-able parts within a specific figure.
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  • A browser-based, WYSIWYG editor, S1000DauthorPro™ XE v1.4 includes several developments for working with inwork documents and additional options for viewing graphical data.
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  • S1000Dinteract™ is a flexible viewer. A complete, closed-loop system S1000Dreview™ streamlines the comment and approval process. The v4.2 update of both software modules improve applicability handling with advanced filtering support and expanded management capabilities. 

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Press Release
CDG Delivers Provisioning Services & Inmedius® Platform to Breeze-Eastern

Breeze-Eastern has selected CDG technical data services and Inmedius® software solutions to enable delivery of S1000D authoring and S2000M data production as the provisioning platform for a new aircraft program.  CDG’s comprehensive provisioning services included intensive engineering data analysis and conversion to S2000M format.

“CDG managed all facets of the provisioning process with ease,” said Anthony Clarke, Engineering Services Manager, Breeze-Eastern.

CDG delivers data packages organized in both Aerospace and Defense system and subsystem S2000M format, by utilizing collaborative consulting services and Inmedius S1000Dconstuctor™. Constructor is an advanced, projects-oriented solution that streamlines the authoring and management of parts catalogs through a highly defined, disciplined process.

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White Paper
How Commercial Aviation is supported by S1000D

With the crossover between civil and defense programs, requirements for dual-use equipment call for a common standard.  Although S1000D has its historic roots in the defense sector, it has been working diligently over the past several years to further enhance the specification to include capabilities that are important to civil aviation. 

This executive brief provides an overview of S1000D Issue 4.1 features and how these capabilities can be applied for commercial aviation projects. It focuses on those primary features that address ATA iSpec 2200 processes and requirements. The paper outlines the management of product configuration, Component Maintenance Publications (CMPs), the new Service Bulletins (SB) Module, and the Common Information Repository (CIR).

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