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Focus Group Recap Webinar

Many clients we met with in Germany expressed an interest in attending other focus group online sessions outlining upcoming developments for Inmedius® S1000Dmanager™, Inmedius® S1000Dinteract™ and Inmedius® S1000DauthorPro™ XE. On Tuesday, May 17, Jack Moffet, Apps/GUI Development Manager for CDG, will host a Webinar session covering the highlights of what’s on the horizon for these products. (Please note that recorded versions of the Webinar will not be available).

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Upcoming Event
See Us at AIA

CDG will be exhibiting next week at the AIA Product Support & Technical Data Workshop on May 2-5 in Clearwater Beach, FL. Please stop by our exhibit booth to see the latest Inmedius® S1000D Publishing Suite™ innovations, including integrated PDF publishing and advances in applicability tagging and filtering.

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New Data Architecture for S1000Dmanager
Inmedius Support Team Ready to Assist on Upgrades

If you are ready to upgrade to S1000Dmanager v5.0, there are several important factors to consider:
  • Manager v5.0 only supports upgrades directly from v4.6. 
  • After the software is upgraded to v5.0, you will need to run the database conversion tool. Detailed instructions are provided on page 85 of the S1000Dmanager User Guide
  • All existing customers should upgrade to the single server installation option. If installing a system with a front and back end installation, contact Customer Support for assistance after completing the upgrade and customer user acceptance testing. Single server installation instructions start on page 10.
To schedule an upgrade, please complete the pre-installation survey found in the Customer Portal and return it to Customer Support; our team will then work with you to schedule a convenient time for the upgrade.
Customers Participate in Inmedius® S1000Dpublisher™ Workshop
Stylesheets Training Sessions in Germany

In March, CDG hosted a complimentary three day stylesheet training workshop in Germany for customers moving from Inmedius® S1000Dtransition™ to S1000Dpublisher, or upgrading to Publisher v2.0 which features PDF publishing integrated with Inmedius® S1000Dmanager™ v5.0.

Publisher has an extensive configuration model that allows stylesheet designers to customize PDF output to meet formatting specifications. This configuration model was the focus of the training workshop which allowed Inmedius product management representatives to work closely with customers.

Led by David Lowe, CDG Product Manager, the workshop provided users with the foundation skills to configure and customize PDF output for Publisher. Designed for stylesheet designers, eight different hands-on training sessions included an overview of Publisher, essential preparation, customization and basic skills, typography/text, page layout, auto-generated preliminary pages, section numbering, implementing a page layout specification, and a final practice session where clients could pose “how do I?” questions.

"Providing customers with deeper product knowledge facilitates more in-depth system use, flexibility and independence,” explained Lowe. “The ability to customize extends the functionality of Publisher to meet customers’ unique needs and the requirements of their clients."
Customers Florian Mueller (Airbus), Marco Doveri (Technodata) and Stefan Bulling (Liebherr-Aerospace) participate in hands-on training with David Lowe
RUAG customers Patric Kyburz and Marcel Staubinger work to create customized stylesheets
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CDG specializes in helping manufacturing organizations and complex equipment operators maximize efficiency with full lifecycle solutions. An experienced global team of hundreds of highly skilled engineers and technical data experts supports delivery of cost effective options for engineering-focused industries. CDG offers a wide range of S1000D services, including authoring and conversion, training, and consulting. The Inmedius software portfolio includes performance-oriented applications to capture, create, manage and deploy information assets for S1000D lifecycle solutions for aerospace, defense, and manufacturing organizations worldwide.
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