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S1000Dmanager v5.0 Data Sheet

S1000Dpublisher v2.0 Data Sheet

New Clustering White Paper

Authored by Senior Software Engineer, Corey Cooney, this new brief explains how clustering servers with Manager v5.0 works and identifies operations that can benefit from it. The paper also details how to setup a front and backend, or split installation configuration, with easy-to-follow instructions and screen shots illustrating the process. Other useful system documentation and Customer Support resources are referenced, ensuring a smooth and successful installation and continued operation.

Clustering Improves System Performance White Paper

Meet the AuthorDavid Lowe

Corey is the application manager and technical lead for a team of software engineers. He also serves as the technical point of contact for other CDG groups like Operations and Customer Support. His most recent project was to lead the major re-architecture of the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite™ technical authoring and publishing software to dramatically improve system performance.

Corey was instrumental in the significant improvements made to Manager’s system performance and scalability as well as the user experience.

Client Meetings, Training in EU

During the month of March, CDG is holding a complimentary three and a half day stylesheet training session in Germany for clients moving from Inmedius S1000Dtransition™ to Inmedius S1000Dpublisher™.

In addition, David Lowe, Maddy Dalton, and Richard Schmidt will be meeting with clients in the UK to demonstrate and discuss the latest Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite™ software releases, including Manager v5.0 and Publisher v2.0.

Contact Customer Support

Inmedius software clients with current maintenance subscriptions may download new software releases from the Customer Portal. To request installation or for other assistance, please contact CDG Customer Support:

  • 9 AM - 4 PM EST
  • Monday - Friday
  • No Weekends
  • Closed on U.S. Holidays
  • Phone: +1 412 459 0310, option 2
  • Email:

Clustering of Servers in Inmedius® S1000Dmanager™ v5.0 Improves Performance
Facilitates Parallel Processing, Load Balancing & Redundancy

Inmedius® S1000Dmanager™ underwent a significant re-architecture in the v5.0 release in order to enhance its scalability as the industry-leading authoring and publishing solution.

“An added capability of this development effort is a new installation configuration option,” explained Corey Cooney, CDG Senior Software Engineer. “This system setup allows the separation of operations that require an intensive amount of hardware resources. Running these technical documentation operations in parallel permits authors to continue working, which yields substantial gains in an organization’s productivity and efficiency.”

Using Manager v5.0 with this type of installation strategy enables the system to support the clustering of servers which run resource-intensive operations – improving the scalability of publishing installations.

Customer Focus Groups Provide Development Direction Input
First Sneak Peek, Vision for Inmedius Software Unveiled

As an Inmedius customer, your input is essential in the ongoing and future development of the software.

“While looking to ongoing and future Inmedius software development, CDG wants to learn how you currently use the system, how these changes will potentially impact operations, and hear what you think of the planned product direction,” stated David Lowe, CDG Product Manager.

Clients who attended the three online sessions got a sneak peek at what’s in the works for discussion. For S1000Dmanager, that includes a modernized User Interface (UI) and enhanced Search/Filter functionality. New technology will improve the user experience and aid in sorting through large volumes of data. Clients were shown several screen mockups that included moving the navigation bar from the left side where it took up a lot of space to the top bar. That design improvement makes room for the Search field and user menu to be front and center for easy use. The Search function becomes the primary navigation mechanism, with the ability to robustly filter information. To accommodate mobile applications, button sizes will be increased and clickable items will be touch-enabled. Manager screens will have a responsive layout, so the UI can reconfigure itself based on the screen size. Actions at the bottom of the screen will be bulk operations.

ScreenshotMockup screen illustrating a new Manager Inbox and collapsible filtering panel. Note the relocation of the existing sidebar menu as a mouse hover popup.

A modernized UI was also shown for Inmedius S1000Dinteract™ featuring a mobile application designed for tablets and touch screens. The UI for Inmedius S1000DauthorPro™ XE will be completely redesigned to increase usability and be optimized for touch screen use. It will include a dynamic Properties Panel, an Elements Panel (with drag and drop), and enhanced Find/Replace, Spellcheck and more.

“I want to thank those customers who attended for participating,” added David Lowe. “Your input, suggestions and questions were all very much valued and appreciated.”

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