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S1000Dmanager™ v4.6 Recorded Webinar 
Includes Functionality & Processing Improvements

In this newly recorded webinar, Sean Rushing, Director of Inmedius S1000D and ATA Software & Services will provide a detailed overview of the Manager v4.6 release and related software updates.

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Upcoming Event
CDG Presentations at ATA
e-Business Forum

Sean Rushing will present two topics at this year's event – “The Case for Interactive Maintenance Data” and “Implementing Component Maintenance Requirements Using S1000D”.

The Case for Interactive Maintenance Data” presentation will address the momentum towards a digital format, how paper and electronic documents differ, the benefits of digital delivery, and current and future trends for maintenance data and integration with other information systems.

Implementing Component Maintenance Requirements Using S1000D” will show what is needed in order to successfully address this challenge. Topics will include an explanation of why there is a need to create CMMs in S1000D, the rationale for using the Specification, and how to create a CMM using S1000D data and the CMP information set. In closing, the speaker will address important publishing considerations.

The theme of the ATA e-Business Forum is Driving Value through Effective Information Sharing. The event will take place May 11-13 in Orlando, Florida.

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Standards-based, Scalable
Publisher for ATA

Inmedius ATApublisher easily and efficiently publishes ATA iSpec 2200 documents – including Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs), Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) and Service Bulletins (SBs) – and transforms them into common print output formats. The standards-based, scalable PDF publishing capabilities of Publisher are fully integrated and work in concert with the Inmedius ATAauthorPro™ host application, as an add-on software module. There are no other third-party licenses or proprietary formatting languages required.

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Inmedius® S1000D Publishing Suite™ Delivers Large Project Support
Enhanced Throughput Leads to Dramatic, System-wide Transactional Responsiveness

The simultaneous release of Inmedius® S1000Dmanager™, S1000DauthorPro™ and S1000Dinteract™ software updates provide support for large scale technical documentation projects. All three are modules of the comprehensive S1000D Publishing Suite™, with Manager serving as the project setup and management support building block. System-wide, transactional responsiveness was tested and verified with over 60,000 Data Modules. User interface enhancements were made in parallel to capacity expansion, synchronization optimization, and faster processing speeds with S1000DauthorPro, the content creation and editing module. These changes deliver substantial performance increases, especially in many data intensive processes.

“The functionality and fundamental throughput performance improvements to Manager are geared toward those technical documentation operations with very large projects,” explained Sean Rushing, Product Manager for Inmedius S1000D and ATA Software and Services. “Importantly, transaction capacity expansion and increased, simultaneous processing capability were achieved within existing hardware parameters. Synchronization optimization with AuthorPro extends that overall system performance into day-to-day tasks.”

A new job scheduling and queuing system support a large load capacity, allowing users to distribute work in order to control and optimize capacity utilization. Users may schedule tasks during overnight or non- peak time periods, and queue the order of those jobs. A new power user role “sits” between the project administrator and library users. This is especially effective for ad hoc work groups that are less centrally managed. The power user has the same access privileges as the library user, but is also able to allocate assignments within their group. They may claim work from an archived state, reinstate and send documents they have permission to view, or send and assign work to others.

No new or costly hardware upgrades or expansions are necessary by existing Inmedius customers to support the software update or to achieve the dramatic improvements in transaction capacity, synchronization, or throughput. Because of the high level of integration between S1000D Publishing Suite modules, and to ensure best utilization with S1000Dmanager, clients should download concurrent updates of S1000DauthorPro and S1000Dinteract. Interact is the browser-based viewer with flexible Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) publishing capability.

The S1000D Publishing Suite is a modular solution supporting the S1000D technical documentation lifecycle, facilitating the key functions of managing, authoring, viewing, and publishing S1000D data. It provides precise control over documentation delivery, including support for PDF files and IETMs.

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