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S1000Dmanager v5.0 Highlights

S1000DauthorPro v5.0 Highlights

S1000DauthorPro XE v1.5 Highlights

Intro to Manager v5.0 - Recorded Webinar

New Inmedius S1000D Product ManagerDavid Lowe

You may already know David Lowe in his current role as CAE Product Manager. He has also recently assumed an expanded role as Inmedius S1000D Product Manager.

David provides industry technical guidance to both the Inmedius Technical Development Team and the S1000D Common Authoring Environment Technical Team. He also participates in S1000D Industry meetings / panels and is the technical lead for Inmedius product webinars and demonstrations.

Contact Customer Support

Inmedius software clients with current maintenance subscriptions may download new software releases from the Customer Portal. To request installation or for other assistance, please contact CDG Customer Support:

  • 9 AM - 4 PM EST
  • Monday - Friday
  • No Weekends
  • Closed on U.S. Holidays
  • Phone: +1 412 459 0310, option 2
  • Email:

Inmedius® S1000D Publishing Suite™ Updates Now in General Release
New, Integrated Capabilities Improve Usability, System Efficiency

Simultaneous updates of Inmedius® S1000Dmanager™, S1000DauthorPro™, S1000DauthorPro™ XE, S1000Dpublisher™, S1000Dinteract™, and S1000Dreview™ are now in general release. A compatibility update is also available for S1000D Process Editor™.

Server-Based Implementation with S1000Dpublisher v2.0
Features Integrated PDF Publishing, System Performance Improvements

Inmedius S1000Dpublisher easily and efficiently publishes structured S1000D Data Modules (DM) and transforms them into common print output formats. With the v2.0 release, PDF publishing is now integrated into Manager v5.0 as an additional Publication Type, allowing S1000D content to be published straight to PDF from the Common Source Data Base (CSDB). The newly integrated capability enhances ease of use, efficiency and system performance.

Publisher screenshotIn Manager, create multiple publication outputs in any combination.

View S1000Dpublisher v2.0 Highlights

Interact & Review v5.0 Updates Support Multiple QA Tags, Applicability Filtering
Processing Speed Improved for Large Data Set Search, IETM Load Time

Both the Inmedius S1000Dinteract and S1000Dreview v5.0 software updates support the ability to display multiple Quality Assurance (QA) tags per Data Module (DM), and to filter those tags based on Applicability. Improvements have been made to search speed for large data sets of over 8,000 DMs. Initialization load time speed has also been significantly improved for Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM). These capabilities and changes enhance ease of use and efficiency in Applicability identification and processing.

ScreenshotIn the DM preview, Quality Assurance states appear or hide based on the configuration selected.

View S1000Dinteract v5.0 Highlights

View S1000Dreview v5.0 Highlights

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