Inmedius iConvert

Comprehensive Environment for Fast,
Accurate XML Document Conversion

Converting your most important data to eXtensible Markup Language (XML) sometimes feels like an impossible task. The more important the data, the less likely outsourcing is a viable alternative. Inmedius iConvert® allows for the conversion of documents into structured XML in your own facility or by Inmedius. The software supports conversion from paper, Microsoft® Word or Adobe® PDF. Inmedius iConvert comes pre-configured for extensive out-of-the box conversion of original S1000D, 40051B and ATA documents, and supports any Document Type Definitions (DTD) or XML schema. Most importantly, Inmedius iConvert is safe and reliable, having been rigorously tested with some of the most sensitive and complex technical documents ever created for aerospace and defense applications.

Illustrated conversion path to structured XMLInmedius iConvert allows you to create a path from digital content to standards-compliant, structured XML

A Complete XML Conversion Outcome Every Time

Inmedius successfully accomplishes XML conversion with Inmedius iConvert by addressing and resolving the most difficult portion that automated processes have been unable to perform. The reality is that the last 10% of the conversion process takes 90% of the time, and is typically handled manually. Inmedius iConvert takes the guesswork out of conversion, by synchronizing the original document with the converted XML document in a multi-pane, on-screen display. This unique approach to XML conversion, allows for the continuous fine-tuning of document conversion rules for increased automated transfer and more efficient production completion rates for the entire project. By building Quality Assurance into the XML document conversion process, Inmedius iConvert guarantees a successful XML conversion outcome every time.

Quality Assurance Built into Workflow Process

Inmedius iConvert’s unique drag and drop environment allows for non-expert XML users to complete complex tasks quickly and accurately. With its workflow design, Inmedius iConvert steps a user through the XML conversion process, while providing a visual inspection of the original document that is synchronized in real-time with the configured XML output. This Quality Assurance element in the conversion process is unique to Inmedius iConvert. During this step, an end-user can drag and drop both unconverted pieces of data and content that has been transformed properly. User-defined rules files used to create the original conversion are updated, allowing for a second pass with increased accuracy. This important step is left undone in most XML conversion processes and is a centerpiece of the Inmedius iConvert software system; resulting in quality XML output every time.

Imagine your legacy scanned documents converted to the latest file formats; like S1000D converted into Data Modules. Or, transforming Word documents to ATA or a military specification. Even PDF documents, which need to be reversed engineered in order to capture the XML, can now be converted utilizing the unique Inmedius iConvert process.

iConvert Benefits

  • Integrate existing data into new formats & projects
  • Save time & money through automated process
  • Improve accuracy of conversion outcome
  • Handle important, sensitive data conversion in-house
  • Streamline technical documentation operation

Scanning & Entering Documents

Scan and convert documents to XML


Whether documents are paper, word or PDF, you can easily and quickly import historical documents and save them in HTML format. Users can also utilize the zoning feature to select certain areas of the document using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text and imaging tools. Inmedius iConvert also has a spell check tool.

Convert HTML to Single XML File

Inmedius iConvert interprets the appropriate XML structure. Users can then edit the nodes of the XML file before generating the target document.

Save time and money by using Inmedius iConvert to quickly and accurately convert your legacy documents into Generic XML files.

Editing Source Content

Update & Edit

Inmedius iConvert also enables the user to quickly and efficiently update and organize the data before it is converted to the final format. The Generic XML is displayed in the right-hand pane, a Tree View of the Generic XML in the middle, and a TIFF image of the original data in the left-hand pane. Switch between the XML and document views for editing:

  • Direct Editing in XML
  • Tree View Options for Section, Create a Group, Table & Table Row
  • Set Table Headers
  • Graphics, Preparing Figures & Legends
  • Schema Validity

Edit source content, XML editing

Users can also edit documents utilizing both unconverted data and content that has already been converted properly. By viewing both the unconverted and converted Generic XML on a single screen, users can quickly and easily locate errors.

Improve your productivity using Inmedius iConvert’s easy-to-use and powerful built-in editor.

XML Conversion

Learns Rules

Inmedius iConvert uniquely learns rules as you define and refine them. As changes are made, rule files used to create the original conversion are automatically updated, ensuring a complete and accurate conversion process.

Post Processing

The XML target document is transformed into a series of individual files. The Document Type Definition (DTD) and entity declarations are also created.


When converting to the target XML, Inmedius iConvert automatically fixes any validation errors, based on the rules set earlier. The Validator Tool validates against the final schema and displays any errors.


The final deliverables or files are exported to a repository.

Change your documents to S100D, ATA, 40051B or any other schema

Transform Generic XML

Inmedius iConvert produces output data that is fully compliant with a selected schema or DTD. Change your documents swiftly and accurately to S1000D, ATA, 40051B or any other schema. The unique XML conversion process will provide you with quality output every time.

Cut costs while producing high quality output by using Inmedius iConvert to streamline the XML conversion process.

Client Requirements


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows (XP Professional, 7), 32 or 64-bit
  • Browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0
  • Dependency: Microsoft® .NET Framework v4.0
  • Dependency: ABBYY® FineReader OCR v10 or v11


  • CPU: 2 GHz (dual core processor); 64-bit system recommended
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk: 100 MB
  • Display: 1024x768 minimum, 1280x1024 recommended